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5 Shark Tank Ideas That Help Parents Make Life Fun and Easier ( # 4 Will Shock You)

These product innovations are great tools for everybody. Parents will love these ideas and some will be fun. If you help the child, you help the parent. Each product provides a great way for parents to do life easier and without hassle or fear.

1. Dare-U-Go Bib

DareUGo bibs are an easy way to feed your kids on the Go! If this isn’t innovative, I don’t know what is! It is amazing! I’m sure every mom or dad can relate to this! The bib is easy to clean, it is also dishwasher and microwave safe! This innovation is great for parents on the go! You pack your baby’s food in the container spaces and you are good to GO! This is a must have for parents for sure!

2. Simply Fit Board

This is awesome for parents that want to stay fit! This product is great for moms that are busy as well. If it is a priority for you to stay fit for health reasons or you just want to get back in those jeans after having a baby! This is a great product because it will allow you to get a full body workout right in the comfort of your own home. Dad’s love the product as well and it can even be used to partner in workouts with your significant other.

3. KaZAM No Pedal Balance Bike

This is a great idea for all of you bike loving families. If you are trying to teach your kids how to ride a bike, this might be the innovation for you. It helps to teach your kids great balance for bike rides. The KaZam provides a natural riding position, better center of gravity, comfortable learning, and it provides a safe resting place for your child’s feet to stay safe off the ground. This innovation is great for moms that love fun!

4. The Spatty

This may take you by surprise, but the Spatty is a small tool that we have found very helpful. This is a tool that helps you to get the last of your product out of a bottle! It reaches the depths of your container to get the last of that shampoo, makeup, lotion, or anything you find too hard to reach in a container. You can use it in the kitchen and even for home and auto. The Spatty is great for parents because it will indeed save you cost on buying excessive amounts of product.

5. The Ring

Everyone loves a great security product. The Ring was just recently purchased by Amazon from its creators. The Ring is a smart security system that has motion-activated alerts, now works with Alexa, and a two-way talking system, this gives homeowners the peace of mind that their house will be safe. This is great for parents because you will also know if anyone is at your door or even around your door. This provides extra peace for busy parents that may leave their kids with a baby sitter or even those kids that get home from off the bus before you do.

These are great product innovations that we have found helpful to our family and others as well. Innovation is a beautiful thing. We should always be looking to make things easier and even more fun! If you like products that make life easier and you enjoy things that take the hassle out of everyday products, check us out at

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