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U Can Lift It

U Can Lift It

U Can Lift It
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Pre-Order May 26th On Kickstarter!

Pre-Order May 26th On Kickstarter!

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UCan Commercial - Simple Video Discription

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UCan Jingle!

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The "U Can Lift It" Creators 

patent pending*

This is not your ordinary trashcan

Takeover Trash Time

with a can that "U Can" Lift


Introducing the "U Can Lift It" trashcan - a revolutionary new product that takes the tussle out of garbage takeout time. The "U Can" takes the adverse effects of vacuum sealing and converts it into useful pull power. Just lift the "U Can"and it creates a snug, tightly fitted bubble free trash can liner, and lowers for effortless zero tears bag removal.

Pearce Innovative Industries, LLC final_

Matthew Pearce is the creator of “U Can Lift It”, a revolutionary trashcan that improves and makes taking out and handling the trash easier. He is the CEO of Pearce Innovative Industries, LLC (PII), a company that designs and improves household and everyday products. As an innovator and visionary, he believes in improving everyday items to optimize and improve usage for everyday users, and has sought to do this for years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science- pre law, and has an MPA from Grambling State University. Matthew is married to Dormeka Pearce and is the proud father of 5 children. He enjoys serving in his local church as a mentor and pastor. 


One day, while Matthew was putting in the trash bag, he ran into a bit of an issue, he realized that he would have to fish out the bubbles in order to properly fill the bag. Secondly, he noticed that the bag would often slip into the trashcan once his family started to put in the trash from his family meals. Once the bag was full, he would often run into an issue of taking out the trash. It was a hassle when it was full, and there was a tug and strain in order to get the bag out of the can, this would often result in tears and rips! This issue resulted in Matthew creating the first prototype for what is now known as the "U CAN LIFT IT" (patent pending*). A trashcan that helps to improve your trash handling, and prevent trash messes. Since 2016, Matthew Pearce has innovated the "U CAN LIFT IT" several times to improve the original model. PII Industries and “U Can Lift It” are excited about the future of household products and developing sustainability. PII industries looks forward to releasing "U CAN LIFT IT" within the next few months.



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