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4 Ways to Not Tackle the Trash at Your Next Football Watch Party

1. The Honey Do and The Who’s Turn Switheroo

The Trash is full, but your husband is not anywhere in sight or maybe his eyes are so glued to the football game that he can’t even answer the question of, “what’s your name?” Everyone will continue to stuff the trash until the bag is full to capacity. Once you get around to actually taking out the trash, the bag will get stuck and will tear from the strain of it being so full and being stuck in the can.

2. Madden Football Blitz Pass Hand off

Let’s be honest. Taking out the trash is sort of like washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. NO ONE wants to do it. Whoever is available to take out the trash is the one that will be left with the job. You just so happened to be the one that did not have enough space in the can for your plate to fit. I guess it's your turn to get the bag out the can without a rip or tear.

3. The Two Handed Takeout Tussle

You Have to Use Both Hands to Pull and Strain! We have all been there! You know! You call for help because the bag is stuck and the top of the bag is about to rip off. Except, no one wants to come and help you because they are all afraid of missing their next big play. You attempt to lift it and BAM! IT RIPS! There is buffalo sauce and left over dip everywhere! Good luck cleaning it up! Next time you may want to wait to have someone hold the can while YOU PULL.

4. The Step Surprise, Shake, and Fumble

There it is! You hit the step on your trashcan and you are met with a surprise! The bag has fallen in on itself and you realize that your guests at the Game Party still put their juicy plates in while missing the bag entirely. You are the one left having to put all the contents back in the bag and clean the bin. This is the Step Surprise, Shake and Fumble. Whoops! There goes the contents onto the side of your trash can. Let’s be a good sport and clean it up so that no one else has to.

Hope you have fun at your next big football party and remember the "plays" when it is time to take out the trash. Fun or not so fun!

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