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How this Black Millennial Created a Revolutionary Houseware Product

We live in a day and time where we are always innovating and creating new products that can contribute to our daily lives. Houseware products are among those items that will always be used and always needed. Trash cans are a necessity among many Americans and are needed for sanitation purposes in households today. Matthew Pearce is an HBCU grad with 2 degrees from Grambling State University. He has always loved to develop concepts and ideas. As a creative child growing up, he would create and design ideas on paper. As an adult he decided to turn his passion for creating into purpose and business.

Matthew designed and innovated a product that has not been innovated in a while. He designed a patent pending trash can that the everyday user will enjoy using. The U Can Lift It is a primary household trash can that makes taking out the trash easier. The journey has been a 4 year process, from design, to product development, and then to a fully working prototype. He was inspired by the Hurricane or Spin mop! Matthew knew that he hated to take out the trash and then had an idea about how taking out the trash could become easier. As he begin to study air flow and the way that suction pull works, he came up with a concept that would help the trash can user eliminate trash messes.

The U Can Lift It is the first type of trash can of it’s kind to be available on the market. U Can solves multiple issues at once, while most trash cans only solve 1 or 2 issues at the most. With the U Can Lift It, you can expect to have a trash can that is more than a container. The U Can Lift It helps to eliminate the suction pull when you take out the trash through a collapsible means, eliminates tears and rips, aides in easy trash lining by creating an air tight bubble free liner for more trash space, increases bag security, can be used with any liner, has a child and pet proof lid with a large lid space, and a sleek design that comes in multiple colors. Matthew and his team have developed a trash can that they believe will hit the market and increase sanitation efforts. Not only have they created a trash can for the residential sphere, but have also designed a trash can for the commercial sphere, which includes hospitals, industrial areas and construction sites. This is major because U Cans eliminates the user having to pull the entire bag out of the can. Matthew and his executive of product development, a former VP from Rubbermaid has created a can that is going to break into the house-ware industry with a force.

Matthew has several products that he is currently still developing and looks forward to growing his company, Pearce Innovative Industries, LLC. His company plans to officially launch their first product U Can Lift It via KICKSTARTER, where people can pre-order their very first U CAN before it hits the market later this year.

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